Crest, jersey and visual identity created for a hockey team of longtime friends. (full story below)

Hoser's Heroes is the name of a pond hockey team comprised of guys who have been some of my best friends for most of my life.
The rest of them met and became friends in Elementary school. I knew most of them from playing organized hockey as a kid and then joined their miscreant band in grade 9.
I was put in charge of sorting out jerseys for the team, and found these beauties at Honest Ed's (a touchstone of Toronto griminess) and then created a logo and stencil to suit them. The look I created was inspired by hockey's early days. I based the logo off of the three golden leaves from the coat of arms of the province of Ontario. It felt a fitting place to start because that's where we grew up together, and we're now spread across the much of it (Toronto, Ottawa, Burlington and Kingston)